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Our journey

There are varying statistics as to how many trees are cut to make just pencils. They go as high as 1 million trees per year, and such deforestation affects the environment of the whole planet.

This inspired founder Gulam and Danial to make newspaper pencils and help save the remaining forests. Newspaper pencils not only help save newspapers and paper from going to the landfill and increasing the global waste problem, but also help save trees from being cut down to make pencils.

Treewise Pencils is proud to say that we have one of the best developed pencils in the world. A lot of research and hard work went into designing the perfect process to make the pencils, so they work with perfect precision and reliability. So much so that we can guarantee the lead will not break while writing or sharpening.

Treewise began manufacturing in India, where the production process has been refined to create a high-quality pencil crafted from recycled material in an eco-friendly environment. Whole newspaper sheets are rolled around high-quality HB-2 graphite. No toxic chemicals are used in manufacturing. A special adhesive formula binds the newsprint together into a cohesive core that is hard as wood. The pencils sharpen easily and last longer than wood pencils.

We have received a lot of appreciation from all over the world and have won several awards. We are continually working to increase our range of environment and eco-friendly products.

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Thank you.